3 Benefits of Dynamic Display Fridges

Woman and Refrigerators full of produce

Aesthetic is extremely important when selling your product, and is a key factor in getting your customers interested in what you have to offer. Half the battle is providing a display that engages your customer’s attention, giving you something more than just a passing glance.

If you work in the catering and food produce industry, then it’s important to consider the best ways to exhibit your wide selection of goods in an inviting and appealing manner. Not only will your products look good, but using display refrigeration will give your customer an insight into the quality of your produce before buying it.


Display fridges leave no room for fault when cleanliness is involved, as any dirt and grime will be shown up for all to see. Keeping a clean food environment is vital for any business in the industry; health and safety regulations could be fatal to your business if not observed properly. Not only do display fridges give your customer confidence in your food hygiene, but they also ensure your own vigilance to maintain the required standard.

Visually Pleasing

Whatever you have displayed in your fridges, customers have the opportunity to see your entire selection, with a multitude of options to choose from. A serveover fridge with a transparent screen enables people to browse with ease.
These deli-style displays are ideal for produce such as raw and cooked meats and cheeses, as they show that the produce is carefully selected and fresh, with staff over the counter to advise them about the different products available.


A multideck chiller can also be a great addition to your business, as it can be stocked with different kinds of goods which customers can pick and choose from themselves. The orderly shelves and glass door makes sure customers can browse with ease without having to rummage around for the right product, and they are still visually appealing without having to be fully stocked.

Fridge temperatures are also clearly visible so that people can see that the products are being chilled at a safe, correct temperature.

If you have a business in the catering industry, you don’t just need the right fridges, you also need the right refrigeration engineer in Edinburgh. Paragon Temperature Solutions, supplies systems such as chillers, coldrooms, bottle coolers and more, whether you need display fridges for a customer environment or industrial appliances for the kitchen, get in touch with us today at 0131 210 0024 to enquire about our range of products.

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