4 Most Common Problems with Refrigeration Units

If you work in a place where the proper functioning of a refrigeration unit is absolutely vital, like in professional kitchens or butcher shops, it’s important this system never fails, otherwise it could compromise the integrity of your products. Knowing what to do if the worst happens and the units do indeed develop problems is very important, but so is understanding what these problems are, in order to either troubleshoot them or know when to call in the professionals.

Not Cold Enough

One of the most common issues with these units is when they stop keeping your goods as cold as they need to be (or when they stop refrigerating whatsoever). Usually, if your unit is blowing warm air instead of cold, the problem might lie in the doors not being properly sealed, in a defective compressor or in a sealed system leak. It might be that the thermostat is faulty as well, so it’s always best to have trained professionals evaluating the system.

Frost or Ice Forming

If your commercial refrigeration unit starts to develop frost or ice (or both), it can be difficult to tell where the problem is coming from. After all, the equipment was created specifically to keep everything in it cold. If you’re noticing this issue, then the problem might be related to poor airflow or a refrigeration leak.

Too Much Noise

While it’s normal for electrical equipment to give off a certain degree of noise, when it becomes too much you should always have it checked, as it could mean the system, or its components, are failing. The fault can come from fans, compressors, motors and other mechanical parts so, if you notice anything unusual, schedule an appointment to have someone take a look.

Excessive Power Consumption

Another issue you might notice is an increase in your energy bills. This is typically an indication of a problem, and it should never be overlooked. Maybe the compressor needs to be replaced, or the condenser has become less effective for some reason. It’s also possible that the unit can’t handle the load or the amount of refrigerant is more or less than the quantity required to keep your goods cold.


No matter the reason why your refrigeration unit is malfunctioning, the truth is that it can be very stressful when it happens, especially if your business depends on it.

All of us here at Paragon Temp recognise the importance of refrigeration equipment. Companies need to provide great service to their clients, and we aim to help them by offering installations in your place of business. We also provide emergency repairs if you suspect your unit is not working properly and need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Get in touch with a member of our team today on 0131 210 0024 to learn more about our products and services.




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