4 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairing

In the summer months, it is important to keep as cool as possible otherwise you will become uncomfortable and you won’t want to do any work. However, there could be a point where your air conditioning unit is on the blink and you might not even know about it at first. But there are a few signs that mean your air conditioning unit needs repairing.

Moisture Present Where It Shouldn’t Be

If there is moisture around your air conditioning unit, then it could be that the refrigerant has leaked. If this is the case, then it needs to be repaired immediately, as it can lead to health problems. If moisture is present and located next to the air conditioning unit, then it could mean that the pipe which disposes of the condensation is broken. This isn’t as serious as the first case, but it needs to be repaired to prevent mould growth.

Strange Sounds and Odours

If you start to hear any grinding or squealing sounds coming from your air conditioning unit, then it could mean that the fan system inside needs repairing. A grinding noise could mean that the bearing on the motor that operates the fan could either be loose or broken.

If you start to notice unusual scents in the vicinity, then it could mean that the air conditioning unit hasn’t been cleaned or maintained properly.

Notice More Dust

Air conditioning units are there to remove the heat from the surrounding environment and to inject cooler air. A second use for air conditioning units is that they remove dust and particles. If you start to notice more dust around, then it could mean that the fan isn’t operating properly.

Unusually High Bills

This may seem a bit unusual as it doesn’t involve a mechanical part of the air conditioning unit explicitly, but it is still an important factor. If you suddenly start to notice that your energy bills are a lot higher than usual, then it could mean that your air conditioning unit isn’t doing its job properly, meaning that there could be something wrong with the motor inside or with regards to the refrigerant.

With the increasing temperatures and the demand for cool environments, it’s important that any parts of your air conditioning units that are broken receive the correct maintenance. If you have noticed any of the points above, then please don’t hesitate to contact us! Just give us a call on 0131 210 0024 or 07926 529476 and we will be more than happy to help!

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