5 Air Conditioning Facts You Might Not Know

Do you know where the term ‘air conditioning’ comes from? This 110 year old term was coined by Stuart W. Cramer, a North Carolina textile manufacturer. He was exploring ways to provide additional moisture to the air of his textile mill, and he later used the term in a patent claim.

Whether you’re air conditioning’s biggest fan or are looking for an affordable solution for your property, here are some facts about air conditioning units that you might not be aware of.


The Early Days

The beginnings of air conditioning can be traced to second century China where Ding Huane, an inventor, created a 10 foot wide manually powered rotary fan. Benjamin Franklin, the American inventor, conducted experiments in 1758 on evaporation and alcohol to attain freezing temperatures.

Dr John Gorrie built an ice-making machine in the 1830s that used compression to make ice and blow air over it. His idea was patented in 1851, but a lack of financing prevented the design from going forward.

Catching a Film to Keep Cool

The first public spaces to have air conditioning were cinemas in America, in 1917. Sales went up as people looked for an entertaining reprieve from the summer heat, their eyes catching on the icicle-covered letters of the advertisements. As a result, summer blockbusters became common as films were scheduled for release in the warmer climate to attract even more film-goers.

White House

Modern day Presidents who reside in the White House have President Herbert Hoover to thank for their cooled down rooms. In 1929, the President had a $30,000 unit installed in the Oval Office just months after the 1929 Stock Market Crash. Considering that the Great Depression started around the same time, it didn’t make him a very popular figure.

More Affordable Today

If you wanted to escape the heat in the 1940s, you would have to spend quite a bit of money. While you can find affordable solutions in the present day, back then you would need to spend around $350, which in today’s money would be around £2,400.

Medical Advances

Air conditioning units are helpful in medical research. These units provide the ideal cool environment to develop and test certain medications. At home, they help filter allergens and decrease the spread of diseases.

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