Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Conditioning Unit

With temperatures rising, having constant cool air flowing in the building helps keep the summer heat outside. Even if it might seem like a hassle, keeping your air conditioning properly maintained is essential to prevent it from breaking down unexpectedly.


Fewer Repairs

A regularly maintained air conditioning unit will be in good condition, which means that you won’t need so many costly repairs. It also costs less to clean a dirty condenser coil than to have it replaced if it breaks down from lack of regular maintenance.  Dirty condenser coils can cause leaks that damage both your unit and your establishment, and cleaning it regularly allows you to catch any eventual issue early on.

Increased Life of the Unit

All it takes for your unit to malfunction is for a part to break down or to stop working normally. Regular maintenance increases the unit’s life expectancy, which directly impacts how much you have to spend. If your air conditioning unit is poorly maintained, it will have to be replaced sooner. You’re sure to have more peace of mind and a stress free summer knowing that your unit isn’t at risk of breaking down easily!

Cheaper Energy Bills

A poorly maintained unit has to work extra hard to provide the same temperature and quality to your home or business as a regularly maintained one. Your energy bills will be directly affected due to your unit requiring more electricity to be powered.

Simple, periodic maintenance will help keep your air conditioning unit working closely to its original efficiency. Summer months see your unit working extra to cool your business, so having it cleaned and maintained during the colder months will keep you comfortable and cool while saving money.

Improved Air Quality

Over time, with regular use, your air conditioning unit accumulates dirt, dust, and other debris. Regular cleanings prevents this debris from being released back into the environment, which reduces the air quality tremendously.

Without a proper system in place, your customers will be at great risk of developing allergies or have them severely worsen. Children and the elderly in particular are more susceptible to any circulating pollen, dust mites, and other particles in the air. Having clean and purified air, however, will prevent serious, long term health issues.


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