How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner and Prevent Repairs

The retail and commercial fields are known by their busy and hectic daily operations, a lot of which include the use of air conditioning units. These are often essential for the good running of shops, laboratories and nightclubs, just to mention a few, so they need to be maintained in order to perform perfectly at all times. Keeping your unit well-preserved can also help you save money on energy bills, as well as in future repairing costs by extending its lifespan.

While it’s always a great idea to bring in professional help when it comes to maintaining these types of units, so that you can prevent repairs, there are also regular checks you can make yourself in order for it to keep working at its highest efficiency.

Check the Filter

One of the most important tasks you should perform is regularly replacing or cleaning your unit’s filters. If the filters are clogged or dirty, they block the airflow and reduce the performance of the air conditioner. This obstruction can even carry the dirt to the unit’s coils, weakening its heat-absorbing ability, and the air conditioner will need more attention if it’s frequently used or placed in a location with a lot of dust – meaning you should have it checked at least monthly.


Clean the Debris

Another routine task you should perform is cleaning and dusting the air conditioner; this can be done around every two months. Although this can also be done by a professional, you can consider giving the air ducts and vents a deep cleaning, as debris tends to accumulate over time. To clean the unit on the inside, remove the fan cage with a screwdriver and move it away from the top of the air conditioner. Then you can clean debris like dust, or leaves if the unit is outside, by hand or using a vacuum cleaner.


Clean the Coils

Your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils collect dust and dirt over its life, so it’s important that you also check them and give them a good cleaning. As with the filter, if your coils are dirty the airflow tends to become restricted, which affects the performance of the unit. The coils should be checked at least once a year.


Here at Paragon Temp we understand that many businesses depend on their air conditioners in order to preserve the integrity of their products, which is why we strive to provide great customer service when something does indeed go wrong and you need urgent repairs. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 0131 210 0024. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help!



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