Invest in a Cold Room for Your Catering Business

By February 16, 2016News

The catering business is one that needs to run as quickly and efficiently as possible, which means that organisation of your goods and services is your highest priority. Organisation is the key to delivering the most seamless service to your customers, and in order to create a faultless system, you need to have the best in industrial refrigeration for your catering business.
In a restaurant kitchen, you need to have fridges which are at your disposal throughout service hours like our standard catering fridges, but you also might want to invest in a cold room for optimum storage in a bigger kitchen with a higher influx of customers.


A bigger fridge naturally means that you can store more things in it, which is beneficial when you are preparing for a busy night’s service because you can use a cold room as an over-spill space for prepped foods that you can’t fit in your service fridge.
A cold room is also big enough to manoeuvre in, which makes it easy to locate certain items with clear set out shelves. The design of the fridge also means that you can store raw ingredients on the bottom shelves and prepped foods on the higher shelves to prevent cross contamination which would breach health and safety regulations.

Easy to Clean

A smaller fridge can be awkward to clean, as nooks and crannies can be difficult to reach. However, with a cold room, areas can easily be accessed due to having a larger surface area. Our cold rooms at Paragon Temperature Solutions are manufactured with a Food-safe laminate finish so that spillages are even easier to wipe up and clean, and food won’t end up settling in grooves and crevices which could result in a build-up of bacteria which could infect other exposed foods in the fridge.

Extra Storage

Cold rooms have the advantage of having plenty of room for all your produce, so that you can order more goods with the intention of having them last throughout the whole week instead of making two orders in a single week.

When ordering your produce for service, your large fridge space should accommodate for ordering goods in bulk which can often come at a discounted price. This is one of the many advantages to having extra storage space, as it can actually save you money in the long run.

It can also save you time, because with the excess space, more prepped items can be stored to last for a couple of services rather than having to prepare a whole new batch every day. Anyone who’s ever worked in the food industry will know how valuable time is, and if it can be saved and spent on something else, then it’s worth doing!

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