The Benefits of Air Conditioning in the Workplace

By September 5, 2016News

In recent years, more and more business owners have recognised the importance that air conditioning can play in keeping their staff comfortable, happy and productive at work. With banks of computers and other forms of office technology generating vast amounts of heat, the office can quickly become an uncomfortable place in which to work, with concentration levels and mood significantly impacted as the mercury rises.

Beyond the obvious advantage of maintaining an ideal temperature, whatever the weather outside is doing, air conditioning brings many other benefits to the workplace.

The Health and Safety Upside

Being able to control humidity through air conditioning means fewer sick days among employees, as removing excess moisture in the air means bacteria and mould have less chance of surviving in hard to clean places. The air conditioning system also filters out other airborne allergens which can lead to coughs, colds or potentially more serious health complaints, improving the indoor air quality.

Air conditioning systems also mean you don’t have to open the windows on very hot days, which is advantageous from a health and safety perspective. With fewer days lost to ill-health and staff happier in the workplace, a business becomes more efficient and overall morale is inevitably higher.

Playing it Cool

While staff are more comfortable and better able to find the ideal working temperature, installing an air conditioning unit can help protect vital pieces of office technology. If computers, scanners or other machinery begin to overheat, there’s a danger they’ll shut down and valuable working hours will be lost. By controlling the temperature and keeping it cool, the expensive pieces of technology which staff rely on will keep functioning efficiently and for longer.

If you think your workplace could benefit from installing air conditioning or upgrading an existing system, then a good place to start is with Paragon Temperature Solutions. With expert engineers on hand to fit some of the most advanced air conditioning systems on the market, we can design, fit and help maintain a system that works for you. Contact us today for some friendly advice or to arrange a site visit, and we can help make your workplace the comfortable and efficient place it should be.

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