The Importance of Trained, Dedicated & Experienced Refrigeration Engineers

By November 17, 2016News

Looking for a professional to address whatever issue you may be experiencing with your refrigeration unit can sometimes feel daunting. When you look for an engineer, you want someone who you can rely on; someone you can be sure will provide you with the peace of mind that such an integral machine deserves.

At Paragon Temp, we understand that having confidence in the service you are to receive is essential. You want to be able to guarantee that not only is your money is being well spent, but that you and your temperature solution will receive the type of outstanding service and care that can only come from years’ specialist experience in the industry.

Each of our team possess all the qualities that one would expect of a reliable professional refrigeration engineer, such as:


First of all, each of our refrigeration engineers have the necessary practical and academic qualifications to understand your refrigeration system inside and out. Our team of highly qualified refrigeration engineers are fully “F-Gas” qualified in City and Guilds 2079 Refrigerant Safe Handling; equally, each of our engineers are also registered with Refcom, so you can rest assured that any work that we undertake is of the highest quality.


An important quality that every refrigeration engineer should embody is dedication; dedication to both their craft and to the customer. As such, no job is too large, no tweak too small; all work is undertaken to the highest standard to ensure that you can continue to get use out of your valued refrigeration unit long into the future.


Not only that, our temperature solution specialists operate on a 24/7 emergency callout basis. This allows us to assist you with any problem you may be experiencing, and find the solution to it in the most streamlined manner possible. We understand that time is money, and this is never more true than if you have an integral refrigeration out of service. It’s inconvenient to say the least, and the time lost becomes an inefficient overhead if left out of action. As such, our team deal with any concerns immediately, to ensure that any problems are solved quickly and effectively.


All our engineers possess years of knowledge and experience within the refrigeration engineering industry. You can be assured that our engineers are extremely proficient when they undertake work on your refrigerators. It’s important to have confidence in your engineer; you want to be sure that when your engineer arrives, they can understand the problem at hand. Again, time is money, so it’s of paramount importance to know that when we you request engineer, they arrive with the upmost skill levels and knowledge of your particular refrigeration unit.

Customer Focussed

All our engineers approach their jobs with a professional, customer-led approach; we wouldn’t have it any other way! We aim to deliver an exceptional service to all our customers, which is why we only provide engineers who not only know how to tackle the problem at hand, but can deliver to you the type of confidence and attitude that you need in such a potentially stressful situation. It’s the last thing you need, a broken refrigeration unit, so we strive to be the first thing on your mind when you need it. We are here to work with you for the long running, so we love nothing more than building strong and lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Our team of professionals at Paragon Temp are here to serve you. It’s just as important to us as it is you and your team that you have efficiently working refrigeration units. But don’t just take our word for it, get in touch! If you wish to discuss any issues you may be experiencing, or would like to chat to one of our trained team, then we are always happy to help.

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