The Power of Product Placement

Choosing the right cooler or fridge for your shop can be challenging, as it entails knowing how many products you’re going to stock, the available space in your shop, the type of refrigeration unit you really need, and much more.

And the decisions you need to make don’t end there. After choosing the cooling equipment, you need to think about how to fill it, which means carefully considering which products are going where:

Why Place Products at Eye Level?

The short answer is: because people tend not to look anywhere else. When you walk into a shop, how many times do you need to bend down or stretch to reach a product? Not many. The layout of a shop and, therefore, its shelves, is designed to make us pick products at eye level or just immediately below it.

Products placed in this zone tend to be more expensive than products above or below it, as they tend to sell better. The main reason behind this phenomenon is the fact that products are placed in your line of sight, which immediately draws your attention.

So, when thinking about where to place your products, think about which ones you want to sell more of and place them on an eye-level shelf inside your refrigeration unit.

Visibility is Crucial

No matter whether you have a vending machine, a fridge or a chiller in your shop, one thing remains the same: all the products inside them need to be placed in such a way that they’re visible at all times. This is because the higher the number of an item your client can see, the more likely it is that they’re going to buy it.

Centre or Sides: Which Matters More?

This applies to most, if not all, shelves and refrigeration units. Some people believe that customers need some time to adjust to being in an aisle, for instance, which means he or she will look at several items before buying the one they want. Due to this, the items placed at the beginning of an aisle or refrigeration system may not sell as well as those placed in the middle.

Grouping Items is Key

While placing similar items together is a great idea in theory, since it keeps the shop organised and makes it easier for customers to find a specific product, retailers tend to place some items together even if they belong to different categories.

This is because certain products go together, meaning if your customers buy one they have a higher chance of buying another one if they’re placed together. For example, snacks go hand in hand with drinks, so by having them side by side you may increase the number of sales of both products.


While product placement is not an exact science, the reasoning behind it is sound. Directing customers to the more expensive products instead of the cheaper or store-brand ones requires careful consideration and planning, but it’s worth it in the end!

At Paragon Temp we can offer you all the cooling solutions you need to place and store your products, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our range and how we can help you.

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