Where’s the Best Place to Install Air Conditioning?

One of the most important elements to consider when installing an air conditioner is the exact place where it should be located. Its position will determine how well the unit will perform, how comfortable you or your employees will be, and the potential health or electrical risks that you’ll be able to avoid.

When considering the best location to install your air conditioning system, it’s vital that you keep in mind that the more work the unit has to do, the more energy it consumes, which will be reflected in the bill at the end of the month.

Consider the Layout

You need to analyse the design of your office or shop and decide the location where the AC unit will benefit most, if not all, people. Otherwise, half the space may be too hot while the other half may be too cold. The same goes for any communal areas – vents should be placed in a way that allows people to feel the cooling effect of the air conditioner equally, so this should be something to consider when thinking about getting an AC unit.

Vents and ducts should also be kept away from sources of dust or dirt, so that you don’t need to clean or replace the filters as often, which makes it easier to maintain the unit.

Get the Right Angle

It’s also worth considering whether you want the air conditioner to be placed on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor, which depends not just on the features of the office or store, but also where people are working. For instance, the AC unit should be placed at a height that doesn’t disturb you or your employees with cold streams, either overhead or down below – you also need to keep it from being at the same level as the head or lungs area, as that can carry health risks with it.
In the same vein, you should also ensure that the air conditioner is not blocking any passages or is impeding access in some other way, as that can disturb the workplace and reduce productivity.

The Size of the Space

If your place of business is small, then you won’t need a large AC unit. The same can be true for large spaces as well, although it’s more than likely you’ll have to install a larger system instead – you just need to find the air conditioner that meets your business’ needs, so bear in mind the size of the area you want the unit in. If the space is separated into different areas, placing the air conditioner in the largest part may be the best option, as it can reach more people.

Fewer things are as uncomfortable as having to sit in a hot office or work in a boiling store. It’s crucial that all spaces receive the same amount of air flow, which entails considering the physical layout and shape of the location – this is done in order to prevent some areas or rooms from achieving heavier air flow compared to others.

The installation of air conditioning systems, therefore, needs to guarantee that all employees and visitors feel comfortable.

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