Which Chiller Should You Choose?

Choosing the right cooling system is important when it comes to food. Static or moveable, large or small, or even the need for just ice. There are several questions you should consider before buying a new chiller. How will it affect your business in the long term? No two businesses are the same, that is why here at Paragon Temperature Solutions we are dedicated to finding the right chilling solution for you.

So, what chilling options are out there and what would be right for your business?


If you run a catering business, then nothing could be better suited than a chiller designed specifically to accommodate the needs of a mobile business. The units can be as big or as small as you need. With one, two, three or four door options that can also be upright or under the counter. No matter the environment you find yourself in, these units keep their cool and you do not have to worry about food being spoiled before you even reach the venue.

The easy-clean nature of the unit means that it can be easily readied for storage. It is also lockable to protect your interests, perfect to store anything from meat, fish or even frozen foods.

Serve Over

Of course, you may need a stationary refrigeration. There are a number of options for this, but one that is perfect for the shop floor is a serve-over unit. These allow you to display food and store it all in one convenient place. The curved glass allows for a super attractive display unit, whilst also providing a super-efficient digital controlled temperature that keeps all products fresh.

This is a modern solution to a food serving environment, allowing you to present food in an attractive manner that your customers will enjoy. For a modern shop, this is a great chilling solution.

Ice Machine

There are some situations where you may not need chilling at all, simply ice. A machine which provides fast, icy, square cubes is a necessity to meet. We provide a stainless steel finished machine, which can be water or air cooled using electronic controls. The bin capacity can be between 15kg and 100kg, it depends on the needs of your business.

For the most efficient and trustworthy chilling solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today for some friendly advice or to arrange a site visit. We can keep your business running cool all year long.


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